Anonymous delivery for pickup

Our retail partners located throughout the country arranges for set locations to have online orders shipped to for customer pickup. This provides for complete protection of address information of users purchasing online products through Ship Anon. Upon arrival at in-store location, provide order name and one time code provided by Ship Anon to receive package.

Crypto & other Anonymous Payment Options

We accept bitcoin, cash, pre-paid visa’s, Pay-pal and credit card. We recommend not using credit card, though information will be expunged. This will offer all other payment methods as a “one time payment method” .

All Buyer Data Fully Expunged

Our data is processed using blockchain technology. We do not sell or store any personal information. Please see Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for further information.

We are dedicated to your privacy.

At Ship Anon, we aim to be the go-to parcel platform for users seeking a high-class experience for privacy while ordering online. Striving for excellence in privacy and e-commerce, the emphasis has been laid upon flexibility and anonymity for deliveries. Ship Anon identifies customer satisfaction, innovation of new technologies, and combining industries including blockchain, expunging data, and a widespread network of business partners for delivery addresses; all acting as key facets to our journey and success. 

Ship Anon defines a perfect customer experience as anonymous, smooth and convenient. Ship Anon also carries a forward-looking approach to evolving technological domains and generating a positive socio-environmental footprint through our last-mile solutions. 

We thank you for joining us in helping provide privacy for consumers online.