$30.00 / month

Available In Stocks

Receive up to 10 packages per month with our Monthly Subscription plan. 100% anonymous. What comes in your parcel remains safe for you, No records, no bureaucracy. It’s just yours. We do not store any personal information and all your data is fully expunged after your package is received. Just in case you’re moving to a different location, you can change your pickup address simply by contacting us.

  • Upto 10 packages per month.
  • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM delivery.
  • Make payments by credit card or Bitcoins.
  • Email Support.
  • 100% Anonymous. All data is expunged after the package is delivered.

Please note: Unless previously agreed upon, we do not process any packages that weigh more than 5 Kgs. Please contact us for a tailored price for packages that weight beyond 5 Kg.