At Ship Anon, we take your privacy seriously, which is why we have undergone a thorough GDPR compliance review. We have taken all the required steps to ensure the protection of all personal data that we process for our users. Some of the actions we have taken towards becoming GDPR compliant include:

GDPR Training

We have undergone thorough GDPR training to learn about our data protection obligations as a business.


GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Our new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are written in a user-friendly language, in compliance with GDPR, and inform our users of their personal data rights as well as our privacy practices. Our Privacy Policy offers transparency by informing data subjects of what personal data we process, how long we retain their personal data, and how they can exercise their data rights, among other relevant information.


Data Subject Access Request Mechanism

We have made it easy for our users to make data access requests from us by providing a dedicated email address that is available in our Privacy Policy.


Data Retention

We have implemented new Data Retention Schedules for all personal data that we process (also available in our Privacy Policy) to ensure that personal data is retained only for that duration and securely discarded after the expiration of the retention period.


Data Protection Officer

As we do not regularly and systematically monitor our data subjects on a large scale or process any personal data in special categories, we are not required to appoint a Data Protection Officer under GDPR. Our decision and reasoning are documented separately for further review by any supervisory authority that wishes to view this information. The Company’s founder will be ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Company meets its data protection obligations.



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